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Creating Client Values

Delivering value by successful need assessment and high quality results, empowering teams reach their optimum potential and thence to become high-performance business unit.

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We are a committed team that takes ownership and does what it says, takes accountability of our actions. We strongly uphold the moral code thereby earning trust, internally and externally.

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We partner creatively with our clients and colleagues, as a team, beyond organizational and geographic boundaries, to develop an effective eco system and synergise to leverage collective genius.

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People are the heart of our business. We foster an open work culture where people can contribute, innovate and excel, demonstrate a never give-up attitude and build an environment of collaboration.

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Assessment is the process of gathering and discussing information from multiple and diverse sources in order to develop a deep understanding of what students know, understand, and can do with their knowledge as a result of their educational experiences; the process culminates when assessment results are used to improve subsequent learning.

  • Formative Assessment
  • Summative Assessment

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Clients Testimonials

A fun filled, high on energy program that helped the team to discover themselves and reach their potentials. Very Innovative Team Building Activities and a superb Team, passionate to say the lease. The facilitators were successful able to involve everyone in the activities and discussions and very well able to over deliver the program objectives

- Vicky, developer

The team had a memorable time while onboard with Le Paraguas. Very well planned activities and gave useful insights. Participants felt comfortable & confident with your team of trainers and support members. Special thanks to Colonel who spent a lot of time in understanding our needs & coming up with innovative ideas of knowledge sharing & experiential learning.  All the best ! We look forward to be associated with you for long term

- Sarah T, developer

Great learning to begin with. Debriefing Sessions were strong and empowered to us ponder on our daily routine and to ehance the productivity.   Fantastic Team and Expert Facilitators, ensured to maintain the relativity with  Current Market Scenarios. One of the best learning experiences so far for the entire team.

- Ramanarayan, developer

Le Paraguas truly empathized with our team and came up with some remarkable activities and pioneering concepts. Our two event days flowed effortlessly and most of our team remarked how much attention to detail there was at each touch point. We prized every moment and each instant is etched as a lasting memory – the joy, camaraderie we shared, sense of achievement and healthy competitive spirit that accompanied the fun and frolic of the assorted activities, courtesy Le Paraguas. We are elated to have interacted with the Le Paraguas team, we look forward to tapping into their creativity again sooner than later! Kudos to your crew for the inimitable management!

- Neha Hans, manager

The Outbound workshop conducted by Le Paraguas for our mid management was a Great success. The training program was successfully able to develop the renewed sense of commitment in the participants and higher level accountability. Teams are communicating their ideas better and it is in-turn helping us innovative strategies to enhance our services. We thank Le Paraguas for their professionalism and commitment in delivering the program

- Marvin M. Gilbert, developer

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