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First Time Manager

FIrst Time Manager

FIrst Time Manager

A first time manager has a thrilling and exciting yet challenging opportunity ahead of him. Being a manager is rather different from being a team member. With new responsibilities comes the need to acquire new skills and new attitudes. While until now individual effort and contribution dictated efforts and results, a first time managerial position calls for consideration for others. The focus shifts from doing work oneself to leading a team and taking responsibility for its results. A training program is especially beneficial to new managers in that they are equipped and prepared with what lies ahead in this new role.

While every team differs and every new manager may have a different approach to his new work profile, here are a few areas of focus that will help fresh leader cope with their new job better:

  • The Team

It is of utmost importance that the new manager learns of his team. The members, their areas of expertise and their capability in contributing to the organization are important aspects of every team member. It would also be essential to know their personal dreams, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses in order to build a good relationship with each of them. A little time spent on the team during the initial days can make for a strong foundation for an eventually effective team.

  • Encourage Individual Contribution

Having recognized each individual’s capacity and role in a team, the new manager must ensure active participation of all its members. Supervising and assessing performances along with addressing any gaps in the process must be addressed by the new manager effectively. Classifying the performing members from the ones that do not and developing strategies to keep them motivated and inspired forms part of a challenging task for the new manager.

  • Conflict Management

Conflicts can be a stumbling stone in the way of a team’s effective performance. Identifying the root causes, developing strategies for their resolution and building team strength and trust is a very important role for every manager. Team conflicts are often not restricted to work and processes. They can be cultural, gender-based or trivial even. The success story of a new manager will be when he is able to remove these differences and unite all members by a common goal.

  • Creating Interdependent Team

A manager is most appreciated when he gets work done well. The key to this lies in developing a team that is inter-dependent and responsible. Merely delegating work to each employee does not get work complete. Collaboration, joint effort and a sense of accountability help in creating a team that is dedicated to achieving goals unhindered. A new manager must strive to create and sustain such a team.

Being a new manager also requires the development of a skill set that is both influential and effective. In terms of skills, here is a list of the most important one that need to be worked on in order to be a good manager.

  • Communication

Clear and precise communication can be the solution to many a management problem. For a new manager, communication is quintessential in forging strong ties with team members, relaying important information from the management and most importantly, in delegating and designating work. With good communication skills, it is easy to understand and be understood – essentials in any work environment.

  • Influence

In the role of a manager, he/she is required to influence others in a team and sometimes, even outside of it. The manager is the common point between a team and the management. Knowing relevant business facts, making factual arguments and relating to people are important factors that can ensure an influential role in an organization.

  • Developing Others

As a manager, the focus must shift from the self to that of others. With a team to head, a new manager cannot continue with the old ways of focusing on one’s work, efforts and results. Since a manager is responsible and answerable for a team’s performance, the new manager must take keen interest in assessing and learning of each of its members and developing their skills to ensure exemplary performance.

At The Umbrella, we undertake training programs exclusively for fort time managers. Keeping in mind their lack of experience in this role and the daunting responsibilities that come with it, our training sessions are interactive and eye-opening for new managers. Outbound training sessions, classroom trainings and case studies are just few of the many techniques that can be used to prepare new managers for their role.

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