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High Performance Teams


A group that stands for excellence, High Performance Teams (HPTs) set new standards in performance. In simple terms, High Performance Teams refer to teams/groups within an organisation structure that are highly focused on goals and superior performances. Irrespective of objectives, deadlines and challenges, High Performance Teams deliver to outperform expectations and create new benchmarks. A High Performance Teams is characterized by highly skilled individuals who are inter-dependent and flexible in their roles.

Teams are the norm of the day. In 1996, only 51% of US employees were part of a team. In 2010, this number had increased to 85%. With such necessity for team work and an equally growing competitive environment, a high performance team can be rewarding to the organization as well as to its constituent members. There are several benchmarks of a High Performance Team:

  • Alignment – wherein team members have aligned their personal goals with those of the organization. There must be a connect between the objective of a team and its activities.
  • Team effectiveness – Despite being a cliché, this is one of the most important characteristics of a high performing unit. Open communication, exception problem solving skills, flexibility and the ability to place organizational goals before personal goals are just few of the many efforts that go into making an effective team.
  • Empowerment – where team members are given the authority to collaborate, brainstorm and develop a process/product that is in the best interest of the organization.
  • Passion – Sustained effort, energy and passion are often the most essential characteristics of an effective team. Keeping employees motivated, along with encouraging participation and rewarding performances is a good way to ensure employees’ full participation.
  • Commitment – the high point of a High Performance Team is that they are bound by a sense of undeterred commitment and dedication. Irrespective of challenges of any kind, the team is dedicated and united in purpose.
  • Results – The outcome that defends and represents a work culture of dedication and excellence has to be no less than perfect. Results are the motivation and objective of a High Performance Team. No matter what the deadlines and hindrances along the way, a high performing unit ensures that the objective of its existence is delivered.

Our training module for High Performing Teams is based on a scientific and time-proven system of effective implementation. A 7-stage model is uniquely adapted and implemented by our trainers to ensure the best possible results for you team of ambition.


  • Orientation

The very first step in the process of developing a team of excellence is orientation. The team members are acquainted with the purpose of existence of the team. The objectives and resources available are made clear to employees. While understanding the final objective to be accomplished, each member realizes the manner and mode of his/her personal contribution towards a common objective. It is imperative that barriers amongst team members are broken and they follow a communicative and collaborative system of working together.


  • Trust Building

A crucial stage in this training methodology is building a sense of trust and inter-dependency amongst team members. It is only when people trust each other that they are able to communicate and work with mutual respect and reliability. This is as essential to a working team as is the existence of team members.


  • Goal Clarification

Stage 3 of the training process clarifies and makes clear the objective of the team. The members find a common direction to work towards and direct their efforts accordingly. Assumptions are converted into clear and specific goals, while uncertainties, skepticism and unwanted competition are done away with. With this stage crossed, the team members are well equipped with all necessary details and resources.


  • Commitment

A make or break stage in the setting up if the team, this stage is a platform for the team members to unite in objective and action. Differences are sorted out, decisions are made, strategies developed and responsibilities are shared. The human aspects of performance play a significant role in this stage. As alignment of goals becomes necessary, team members are encouraged to avoid resistance and conflict or any element that can create an obstacle in the objective-oriented process.

While the above steps are oriented towards a process of creation and orientation, the next phase is concerned with its effective implementation.


  • Implementation

Implementation of a process is usually never in line with a plan. There may be obstacles and challenges related to time or people. Aligning tasks with objectives, ensuring clear processes and an unhindered execution makes for a challenge in itself. Training can help team members avoid unnecessary conflict and confusion – the primary cause of not meeting deadlines and achieving goals.


  • High Performance

With better inter-personal relations and a collaborative effort that is aimed at achieving a united against personal goals, the results can be phenomenal. Ensuring a synergy amongst team mates and giving them a free hand at developing necessary processes can be the sure shot method of not just achieving but delivering beyond expectations.


  • Renewal

Once a task is complete or a team has reached its goal, there may be complacency and lack of spirit in a team. Awarding team members and appreciating their efforts can bring a turn about in attitude and motivate them to strive for the best.

The transition of a team from a regular one into a High Performance Team is a crucial process. It is important that the team identifies its current standing, realise where it would like to be and assess the gap that is in fact, obstacles to be overcome. At The Le Paraguas, we specialize is designing training programs that will address these very obstacles. Our classroom sessions are intended to enhance team work and acquaint members with several important nuances of corporate work life. Outbound sessions on the hand bind the team members to create a highly satisfied and powerfully performing unit. We train to make a difference.

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