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How to Build a High Performance Team

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A High Performance Team usually refers to a team within an organizational structure that is created to achieve superior business goals. A High Performance Team is typically expected to over perform and attain results that are usually not achieved by regular teams of similar build. They comprise of skilled members, who are usually adept at taking up multiple roles and responsibilities. Most High Performance Teams comprise the following characteristics:

  • Participative Leadership
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Clear and Open Communication
  • Mutual Trust
  • Effective Conflict Management
  • Coordinative Relationship
  • Clear Goals

These Teams can be created for an array of purposes. However, High Performance Teams are usually created in an effort to correct and create better processes within an organization. While most teams are either created to either make decisions or implement them, High Performance Teams are created to achieve both these objectives.

Creating a High Performance Team is no easy task. Many nuances need to be looked into while building a High Performance Team that is productive and efficient in its purpose, performance and implementation. Here’s a listicle that serves as a guide to building an ideal High Performance Team.

1. Define and Create Interdependencies
A High Performance Team is often considered akin to a sports team. While each team member is skilled and accomplished in his area of expertise, members are expected to complement others’ skills and knowledge. The team as a whole must be cross-functional as a result of which, they will be capable of assessing and addressing a task from many points of view. While each team member has a significant role to play, levels of inter-dependency are imperative and high.

2. Ensure Trust and Understanding
With high inter-dependency, it is but natural for team members to share a relationship that is marked by mutual trust and understanding. Ego, personal goals and lack of communication may be reason for unnecessary conflict that can hamper the achievement of goals and objectives. As in the case of any team, High Performance Teams too require members to lend their knowledge and skills, without inhibitions.

3. Set Clear Goals
A High Performance Team is known as such for its exemplary performance in achievement of goals. These goals or objectives must be clearly defined. Ambiguity in objective can fail the purpose of establishing such a team. A binary goal is often considered the best option. A binary goal refers to one that states the purpose of the team in a simple and objective manner. With no scope for subjectivity or confusion, the goal can either be achieved or not achieved. There will be no mid-path or ambiguity in as far as the goal or its accomplishment is concerned.

4. Develop a Decision Making Strategy
Decision making is one of the trickiest elements of a team, especially with regard to a High Performance Team. While setting up such a team, it becomes necessary to put in place a decision making process that will avoid any kind of conflict or confusion. Decision making can be done in several ways. It can left up to the decision of an accomplished leader or can be undertaken by means of a consensus or vote. Either way, clarity in process is necessary to help the team achieve its objective without unwanted delays.

5. Effective Feedback System
Every team must be given constructive feedback on its performance and High Performance Teams are no exception to the rule. Ideally, there must be a system in place that checks the teams’ performance. Feedback will help the team understand the relevance of its strategies and alter them, if necessary. Feedback also includes acknowledging and appreciating the work of team members – a sure way of getting them motivated and inspired to work better and achieve more.

High Performance Teams were first created in the UK to achieve a specific set of goals and objectives. Eventually, many companies across the globe began to set up these teams without a proper understanding of its underlying principles. When High Performance Teams are set up without adequate knowledge or clarity of goals, it results in loss of many resources like skill, time and money. We at Le Paraguas specialize in training for the establishment and stronger build of such teams. Our specialised and experienced trainers are acknowledged for their team building skills, besides other specific functional services.

19 Jan, 16

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