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Importance of Communication

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Communication is probably the most important element in every organization. As a soft skill, it plays an indispensable role in the day-to-day activities of the company. Communication simply refers to the process of imparting and exchanging information. Deceptive to its description, it has proved to be one of the most challenging soft skills to acquire and is also considered an important source of conflicts and many an obstacle in the work environment. An organization comprises of people who come together from different walks of life. Communication can be that one skill that either binds people together or keeps them apart. An ideal communication system can help create a flawless work environment with clear guidelines, well understood objectives and coordinated team efforts. On the flip side however, lack of good communication can be extremely detrimental to the productivity of teams. Here’s how.

  1. Poor Understanding

Teams usually work together towards the achievement of a common goal. Once the goal has been made clear, roles are assigned and duties delegated in order to evenly distribute work and ensure that individual efforts sum up to a productive output. Communication is therefore, the basis of successful team work. The lack of communication can lead to misinterpreted information – both in terms of goals and work. It may lead to conflicts, besides a great deal of wasted time and efforts.


  1. Conflicts

Conflicts are a relevant issue faced in every business environment. Be it amongst team members or among various levels of management, conflicts can be extremely detrimental to the effectiveness of teams. With unresolved issues, team spirit can be adversely affected having a direct impact on team productivity. Communicating issues and resolving problems can go a long way in avoiding unnecessary and irrelevant conflicts.


  1. Affected Team Spirit

Teams comprise of several members who come from backgrounds and also with different thought processes and beliefs. It is essential that team members communicate in order to understand each other, synchronize efforts and work together in order to achieve goals. However, the lack of communication can create a dent in team spirit. With no communication, there will be lack of understanding and trust amongst team members – the most important elements necessary for team spirit. With an affected team spirit, achievement of goals will be a far-fetched dream.


  1. Low Employee Morale

Communication is a two-way process. It includes various elements in an organization – from transferring information relating to company goals and objectives to appreciating employees for their efforts and successes. With a poor communication system, none of the above is possible. With no clarity of roles and objectives, employees may be left with a low morale and an affected confidence. The vicious circle will eventually end in individual performances that do not realize full potential and an affected team productivity.


  1. Poor Creativity and Out of the Box Thinking

The key to successful team performance is innovative thinking that derails from standard procedures and practices. Creativity helps create an edge that is often difficult to imitate and reproduce. In order to promote creative thinking, a good communication system is a must. The lack of it will lead to inhibited flow of thoughts and fear of rejection. This can lead to ignorance of many ideas that could have possibly led to exemplary performance and achievement.

The lack of a well-developed communication system can be extremely detrimental to an organization. Beginning from seemingly inconspicuous issues, communication or the lack of it can result in massive gaps amongst team members, their thoughts and performances. It is therefore essential to invest a good amount of time in developing a concise and clear system of communication that will bind people together and ultimately result in an effective productivity.

30 Jun, 15

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