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Need for team outings

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That teams are made of much more than just people is not an untrue statement. Every team you know comprises people of assorted backgrounds, skill sets and talents. Yet, they are all brought together to work in unison towards a common goal that is more challenging in its accomplishment than in character. The challenge here does not lie as much in the competitive process of achievement as does in people management. A good team is one that uses its collective strength to overcome its weaknesses in the process of goal realization. A good team comprises individuals who put forth effort for the common benefit.

As such, it has been realized that team building and motivation are important aspects of creating a successful team. It does not merely suffice to employ the best brains in the field. It takes collaborative effort, understanding and unity on the part of every member to make a team invincible and undeterred in its objective. In times gone by, teams were ‘trained’ or educated on how to turn themselves into success stories. While theory and idealism were not unknown, practical applications were a matter of great debate. Personal goals and opinions, biases and conflicts are few of the many obstacles faced by every team. However, the competitive market scenario today requires a team that is no less than outstanding in performance. It is therefore imperative that no stone is left unturned in creating a team that is focused on productivity and success. One of the best ways to ensure that members of a team come together is by conducting a team outing.

A team outing is aptly named and is an opportunity for team members to interact in a space outside that of official boundaries. A team outing is a chance for every team member to know his or her colleagues at a personal level. It reveals that which is hidden in the confines of the corporate world. A team outing can include a relaxing getaway or a fun session of many enjoyable activities. Either way, it has benefits that can go a long way in building a team that is strong internally.

Some of the benefits of a team outing, that are usually instantly visible are listed below

  • Builds Morale

A team outing is a great way to show the employee that he or she matters. It not only gives the employee a reward for all the effort put in, but also conveys a strong message that his/her efforts are being acknowledged and appreciated. This alone helps build the morale and confidence of a team member. Appreciation is one of the best ways to acknowledge and encourage employees to put their best foot forward.

  • Strengthens relationships

It is natural for team members to get acquainted with each other at work. Busy schedules, long working hours and work pressures often do not allow team members to interact amongst themselves. As such, the efforts are disjointed and the purpose of the team is lost. A team outing allows team members to go beyond work and its allied discussions. Games and activities encourage team members to get to know one another better at a personal level. This encourages a sense of understanding and trust among team members, an essential in keeping the team united and connected.

  • Improves performance and productivity

With increased understanding and trust, it is but natural for teams to perform better. A team outing allows an individual to assess each member’s strengths and weaknesses. This allows for better collaboration and collective effort. With strong relationships, the common goal becomes larger than personal goals – a must in the success story of any team.

  • Better Problem solving

There is no learning better than experiential learning. Team outings and activities give its team members an opportunity to develop a creative problem solving technique that is in fact a simulation of real life scenarios. Equipped with this new skill, teams are better designed to take on any challenge and create new landmarks in performance.

Bangalore qualifies as among the best places to head for a team outing. Team Outings in Bangalore can mean a relaxing day at a resort, a group visit to the city’s many landmarks or even a luxurious stay in the cosmopolitan capital of South India. The city is studded with many resorts that offer great spaces and resources for group activities of every kind. From leadership to problem solving and basic team building, the city has infrastructure for teams of every kind and size. Le Paraguas is a training company that understands the many nuances of creating a successful team, like no other. With the best experience in the field and an array of options to suit every goal, Le Paraguas is equipped to conduct team outings for groups of any size and requirement.

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