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From among an array of prospective employees, fresh graduates make for a sensible choice. Equipped with the latest in the world of theory and knowledge, these graduates are the promising future of the company. Yet, there is an undeniable truth in the fact that education in a college environment is a world apart from professional conduct. There are several corporate intricacies that are unknown to the inexperienced mind.

An organisation is defined by its principles and people. Alignment of personal with corporate goals, team work and ownership are just few of the essentialities that are not taught in an educational environment. This transition from a severely competitive setting to a collaborative and professional one can be a challenge for both the employee and the organisation. The Umbrella’s Campus to Corporate program is designed to ensure that this crucial shift is comfortable and effective. Here are some of the reasons that validate a planned campus to corporate program.

  • Time

Time spent in college/university is limited and much lesser as compared with life in a corporate. This demands for a change in lifestyle, behavior and outlook that can only be properly appreciated through a program such as this. Time management is yet another skill that will have be inculcated at the time of stepping foot into a demanding world.

  • Professional Conduct

Work life is a world entirely different from that of education. Professional conduct and diplomacy are virtues that can take you high up the ladder. Working with a team of different people with different temperaments and thought processes can be a catalyst for conflicts and misunderstandings. Besides, working in a company calls for behavior that complies with rules and regulations. It is again a behavior that needs acclimatization and adjustment.

  • Creating a first impression

A first impression always makes for a lasting one. Developing a unique professional character will make for a lasting first impression. One equipped with the professional behavior is sure to stand out from a group of college graduates – a good start to a promising career.

  • Work Stress

Unlike in college where examinations are the only possible cause for anxiety, work life is defined by stress. Competitive environments are coupled with difficult targets and expectations to create unparalleled and all-consuming stress. Dealing with the same will need some planning and preparation.

A study has shown that employment is different from employability. While employment depends on academic qualifications, employability has 3 elements – knowledge, skills and attitude.The C2C program is a comprehensive one that focusses on these facets of employability. Our areas of focus are listed below:

  • An understanding of personal contribution.
  • Alignment of personal goals with those of the organisation
  • Importance and development of team work
  • Confidence and Ownership
  • Proactive behavior
  • Corporate communication and its effective usage
  • Peer Pressure.

A typical C2C program comprises of several modules –each that targets a different problem statement. Every module is designed to help fresh graduates get a clearer picture of corporate life and accordingly make suitable changes to their behavior and work patterns. The following are a few corporate scenarios that young professionals have not experienced previously and are ill equipped to handle.

  1. A work environment calls for a few strict guidelines, punctuality being one of them. It is absolutely essential to be on time and follow strict guidelines while at work. It not only speaks of professionalism but also contributes to smooth work processes. Despite being a seemingly inconsequential trait, it is a characteristic worth developing and practicing.
  2. The corporate world must be defined by exemplary work practices and procedures. However, it has often been found that senior management defines processes. It takes confidence and capability to defend one’s stand and though process – a quintessential trait to ensure survival in a competitive environment.
  3. An organisation runs on team work and collaborative efforts. Fresh graduates are often habituated to work that is reflective of their research and hard work. Despite its credentials, this work method will not work in a corporate setup. It is important to develop soft skills like communication and conflict management to ensure results that are in the best interest of the organisation.

A new employee especially one fresh out of college faces mixed emotions while entering the corporate world. While on the one hand there is the thrill of entering a new and progressive phase, there is on the other hand the anxiety of entering a corporate setup that is competitive, cut-throat and ruthless. They come with fears and hopes of the unexpected and unknown. A Campus to Corporate Program is the best possible way to address these alternating emotions in new employees. Training programs can be inbound or outbound, classroom or outdoor. Each serves a different purpose and seeks to address problems commonly faced by these promising talented recruits. Outdoor programs are effective in breaking barriers, acquainting team members and knitting together the group as a unit.

A C2C Program serves more purpose than simply acquainting fresh graduates with a new life. It is an investment that will go a long way in ensuring maximum productivity and effectiveness of an employee. A perfect stepping stone for young professionals, this program can be designed to specific needs and general issues.








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