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Soft Skills in the Workplace? Why is the need?

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Every organization comprises of people, apart from several other factors like investment and nature of business. These people or employees play a significant role in the growth story of the organization. Being internal to the company, they act as representatives not only to customers but also to suppliers and various other stakeholders. As such, the company depends on its employees for productivity and profitability.

Most employees are chosen keeping in mind their technical expertise. However, a competitive and demanding corporate world demands much more than mere technical skills. In an age where service can be a differentiating factor, it is important to develop a skill set that is behavioural in nature. Soft Skills, also known as people skills have grown to be just as important as the former. In fact, latest studies show that people skills are preferred over technical skills in today’s day and age. With constantly changing environments and demanding work profiles, soft skills have become an indispensable element of every business culture. Soft skills is a blanket term that covers an array of skills necessary in the workplace.

Soft Skills training could include the following among many other necessary skills:

  •  Communication
  •  Leadership Skills
  •  Conflict Management
  •  Time Management
  •  Problem Solving
  •  Creative thinking
  •  Team Management etc.

Running a business involves the effective handling of several complex scenarios. From team management to communicating with stakeholders, every process can have a lasting impact on the company’s overall performance. It is not without reason that soft skill training has become quintessential in every working environment. Here are some of the advantages soft skills training can have on the overall business environment.


1. Enhancing Team Performance

Teams constitute the workforce of an organization. Their work has a direct impact on the profitability of the company. However, every team faces several issues and challenges during the course of its existence. These issues are recurrent and arise on different times and occasions. It is important that team members are equipped with necessary skills to deal with these challenges and unexpected situations. Team building is a necessity in every business. With increased trust and understanding among team members, quality of work improves drastically. Alongside, several other skills like time management and conflict management must be inculcated in team members to ensure effective performance and productivity.


2. Developing a Strong Work Ethic

The culture of an organization is one of the most significant aspects of the identity of an organization. Employees, being the company’s representative must have aligned ambitions and goals. A shared vision and work ethic is necessary to unite employees and give the entire workforce a common objective. Soft skills training ensures that employees are not just made aware of these objectives, but that they are also aligned with their personal goals.


3. Ensuring Adaptability

The corporate world is subject to every changing rules, policies and procedures. The market too is a demanding aspect of business with every changing tastes of consumers. In such a scenario, companies are required to be adaptive and flexible. Employees must be equipped to deal with changes that may be easy or otherwise. This one aspect can be instrumental in ensuring the survival of a company in the long run.


4. Enhancing Creative Skills

In an era of growing competition and competitiveness, every business is required to create an identity that is unique to itself. This entails a sense of creativity and out of the box thinking. Such a culture can be inculcated in employees through effective soft skills training. Not only will employees be equipped to create the unexplored, they will also be motivated to work with the freedom of creativity and open-mindedness – an element that can make a world of difference to performance and productivity.

While technical skills have never been a challenging find, soft skills poses as a challenge on account of its complexity and uniformity in participants. As the skill set that can make or break a business environment, soft skills is indispensable to every business in every location in the world.

06 Sep, 14

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