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Start Up



The first few years of every business are critical. At a time of make or break, the company operations must be streamlined, production and service processes standardized and employee development enhanced. Broadly described, the art of setting up a business can be explained in the following 4 steps:

A startup comprises of several unknown factors. Being new in business, every day brings with it new challenges and obstacles. While it may be difficult to cope with new systems, operations and people, training can play a significant role in streamlining systems and thought processes in a chaotic setup. From people to processes – every crease must be evened out to ensure the successful running of an enterprise.

Training can help a startup overcome many obstacles. Although the possibilities are endless, here are the major aspects that require a session or two of training.

Alignment of Vision and Values

Every new company sets foot into the world of business with certain ideas, values and a vision. Employees are one the most important elements of any organization. As representatives of the company, it is essential that each of them imbibes these values. Training is the most effective method of inculcating in employees a shared vision and value system.

Team Building

Team effort is often the key to effective team performance. Most startups have developing processes and work environments. In such a scenario, synchronized efforts toward a common goal are a challenging proposition. Team Building is therefore a much needed exercise in a startup environment. Be it classroom or outdoor, training sessions can be modified and customized to a very large extent.

Time Management and Go Getter Attitude

A startup’s immediate requirement is a workforce that is proactive and ambitious. With a flat organization structure, employees are required to be responsible, accountable and motivated. With an array of jobs to be completed in a challenging time frame, time management and prioritization becomes a much needed skill. Helping employees imbibe these abilities will empower them and instill in them a confidence of being able to strive and achieve.

Soft Skills Development

Probably the most essential element of training, our soft skills modules are designed to train employees in an array of skills. From dealing with customers and suppliers to taking on ownership; from communication to leadership skills, our programs are expansive and extensive. With no definite schedule and Covering a wide spectrum, our programs are designed to nurture employees and help them realise their full potential.



Today’s business environment requires seamless creativity and out of the box thinking. Over the years it has been found that this is a skill that can be acquired and developed over time. Training is one of the methods that can hone one’s creative skills. A series of activities, methodologies and sessions can help participants think freely and productively.

We at the Le Paraguas understand the efforts that go into creating a new business. Having been there and done that, our trainers are well equipped to design programs that will help create a unique setup of motivated employees, standardized procedures and excellence in service and production. Our training modules can customised and altered to cater to definitive purposes and end results. From classroom sessions to games, activities and outdoor training, we specialize in the art of effective and purposeful training.

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