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Team Building

An unassuming yet indispensable factor that could go a long way in creating exceptional performance is the concept of Team Building. An ongoing process of identifying challenges and developing cohesive techniques amongst team members is an effort worth investing in. Team Building is much more than merely getting its members acquainted with one another.

It has been unanimously agreed that employees of an organisation can make or break its very existence. These employees come from varied backgrounds and are unique in their thoughts and behavioural patterns. Bringing together such large groups of people and uniting them with a common objective is a task that is easier said than done.A continual program that is directed at improving interpersonal relations and social interactions is quintessential in ensuring a motivated and well-connected team.

Team Building as an exercise seeks to address several challenges that are often relevant in the social spheres of life. Inconsequential differences, communication gaps and mismatched goals can lead to disgruntled employees and team members. Team building aims at the following simple yet essential end results:

  1. Goal Setting

Every employee comes with a unique personal and professional goal. Getting each member of the team to align his/her personal goals with that of the organisation can give each employee a unity of purpose. As such, the team has a common objective to achieve and can lead to a more coordinated effort – the first step in enhanced productivity.

    2. Relationship Development

Cordial relationships can benefit team performance in a very large way. Good communication, lack of trivial differences and mutual support are essential in boosting performance levels of employees. Each team member comes with a personality of his own. Capitalising on each employee’s strength and combining it with every other member’s strength is the key to effective team work. Impersonal behaviour and strained relations has never been known to create a team par excellence.

    3. Role Clarification

There is often ambiguity with regard to roles within a team. Many a time overlapping roles or lack of ownership comes in the way of effective and timely performance. This leads to confusion and more than often, disgruntled employees. Team Building technique is the perfect way to help team members sort out differences, seek clarity on roles and responsibilities and identify ways and means of achieving pre-determined objectives without much hassle.

    4. Problem Solving

Team Building is a technique that can help sort out difficulties in processes and procedures. Once problem solving skills have been developed and implemented, team performance could reach an all-time high!

Every team is different in terms of its composition, objectives and challenges faced. Team Building will be an effective program when it is tailored to address these nuances and internal complications. Theory classes or classroom lectures are usually insufficient to bring about a noted change in the behaviour of teams. Outbound training sessions have the dual advantage of learning in a fun environment as well as understanding and adopting necessary changes from practical performance of activities. Learning in a fun environment is one of the most successful techniques in training. Our programs are designed around several essential elements that come together to create a productive team. Most of our activities are designed with the following principles in mind:

  • Each team member is valuable
  • Breaking down barriers
  • Enhanced communication
  • Effective delegation
  • Problem Solving
  • Unity in Goal and Purpose
  • Team Work
  • Role clarification
  • Harmonious Work Environment
  • Encouragement of Trust and Cooperation
  • Critical Thinking and Brainstorming.

We, at The Umbrella specialize at developing Team Building programs that identify the weak spots and address issues that impact team performance. We believe that there is no one method to enhanced productivity. Every weakness must be addressed and every strength must be enhanced in order to create a team that is flawless in spirit and performance. We are experienced in designing programs that will bring out the best talents in your team. Be it classroom training or an outbound session, you can be rest assured of a visible change in performance.

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