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Why is Bangalore the most happening place for Team outing?

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When team performance and growth are spoken of, one of the first and most important concepts that come to mind is that of team building. The practice of team building has been in existence since quite some time in as far as corporate trainings are concerned. However, its implementation has evolved with time, growth and competition. Today, experiential learning is generally regarded as the most effective form of training and development. It is in this regard that team Outings have become an essential element of experiential learning.

Team outings serve an array of purposes. It not only allows team members to interact and co-ordinate on a friendly and personal level, it also helps build confidence, communication and collaboration. It serves as an acknowledgement of effort, besides also being a much-needed opportunity for recreation. In almost all cases, team outings have had a direct impact on the productivity and performance of teams at work.

The purpose of team outings is to get team members to know and understand each other better. While resorts are a popular choice for team outings, events and activities can be conducted as per individual requirements and constraints. As far as locations for team outings are concerned, Bangalore makes for a great choice. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, this city has grown to accommodate the challenging demands of a competitive corporate world. There are many reasons for Bangalore to have snowballed into such a popular choice.

Why is Team Outing quiet popular among corporates in Bangalore?

  1. Weather

Bangalore is a city admired for its weather. No matter what time of the year or what season it may be, Bangalore has weather that is comfortable and enjoyable. As such, team outings and excursions can be undertaken at any time of the year without having to worry about unbearable heat or hair-raising winters.

  1. Corporate World

Bangalore is now a city well-versed with corporate culture and practices. As the start-up capital of India and with a booming software industry among several others, Bangalore has an environment that is conducive to businesses and their growth. The city is therefore updated in far as latest practices and processes are concerned. Any business group is sure to benefit from the city’s in-house infrastructure of knowledge and resources.

  1. Resources

Most effective team outings require open spaces to conduct events, games and activities. Resorts being a popular choice are aplenty in this city. Bangalore is studded with hotels, resorts and similar spaces that are designed for large groups, activities and experiential learning. Most resorts have on offer day packages that seek to provide teams with all-round entertainment and learning sessions for participants. For those who want to indulge in some adventurous team outings, Bangalore has within a vicinity of 50-100 kms many exotic destinations that make for excellent team building outings.

  1. Skill

As a cosmopolitan city that is making headway in the international corporate circuit, Bangalore has to its credit the very best in training, development and experiential learning. From trainers with specialized knowledge to those who assist in team building, the city boasts of a qualified and experienced workforce that can cater to requirements of any shape and size.

Henry Ford, with regard to a successful team had once said “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”. A good team is not one that merely comprises the best of talent and knowledge. A good team is one that is built on mutual trust, understanding and growth. Team Outings are a sure shot way of getting team members to engage and indulge. A day’s outing is often enough to give a fair idea of its impact on internal relations, performance and productivity. And Bangalore is indeed, a great place to start.

24 Dec, 15

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