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Things to be considered while arranging Corporate Team Outings

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Corporate Team Outings are of substantial importance in a world of demanding corporate competence. They qualify as a means to acknowledge and appreciate employees, alongside training them in skills essential in creating an efficient and productive team. Team Outings although usually refer to a day outings, it can also mean an outstation getaway. Games and activities are also usually planned and conducted as part of these outings. The purpose of a corporate team outing can be varied. From recreation to reward to experiential learning, the options are vast and diverse.

A Corporate Team Outing is not a simple affair. It requires planning and precision if it is to be made worthwhile. Apart from the cost ensued in conducting a team outing, the exercise can be used to equip team members with skills necessary for their overall growth and performance.

Listicle of factors to be considered while planning for Corporate team outings

  1. Size of the group

The most important factor in planning a team outing is the number of people involved. If the team is a large one, then planning has to be made to accommodate each one. For a day outing, arrangements need to be made for meals, transport and facilities at the venue. If games and activities are being planned, then the size of the group is of utmost importance.

  1. Duration of team outing

Generally speaking, most corporate outings opt for a day of fun and frolic. Beginning early, the group participates in a number of team activities that can amount to about 5-6 events even for a large group. However, weekend or longer getaways are not new to the corporate world. When longer durations are in question, team outings can take various forms and shapes. From a combination of relaxation and experiential learning to adventure activities like treks and hikes, the choices are many.

  1. Trainers

Most Corporate team outings are undertaken with a purpose. While team building is a given, many teams are trained for a range of specialized skills that are unique to the problems and issues faced by the team. The subjects can vary from leadership and creativity to problem solving and communication. For outings that require training in specific skill sets, it becomes essential to opt for trainers who are well-versed in the subject as well as in people management. Further, a large group will not benefit from only one trainer. Quality trainers need to be identified and appointed in order to ensure effective training.

  1. Budget

All companies have an allotted budget for training and development. It is the financial framework within which teams need to be polished and readied for upcoming challenges in the work environment. The budget is an important element to be considered while planning for a team outing. The cost incurred in hiring trainers, transport and accommodation of participants, food and beverages and any other miscellaneous expenditure needs to be factored in while planning a team outing.

  1. Location

Needless to say, location is of utmost importance in a team outing. A city like Bangalore has many resorts that are designed and equipped to cater to the needs of corporate training sessions. When a large group is in question, the location requires a good deal of space, especially when training games and activities are being planned. A small group can be trained in conference rooms or banquet halls if it is in line with the training session planned. An outstation team outing needs more planning in terms of distance to be travelled and facilities that need to be made available at the destination for training needs. Many corporates prefer natural settings and adventure sports as a means of meeting training demands. Therefore location is one of the most influencing factors in planning a corporate team outing.

With growing need for specialized / customised training, there are several companies that offer end to end training solutions. We at Le Paraguas comprise of experienced trainers and managers that take care of all training needs. We are equipped with the best trainers in the industry apart from having invaluable experience in team and people management for your Corporate team outings.

09 Jan, 16

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