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Why are fun Team Outing games most preferred?

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Team Outings games are much more than mere recreation for participants. Today’s competitive global environment requires teams to be at their productive best. However, such ideal teams are easier spoken of than seen. People are by far, the most difficult resource to manage and coordinate. With different backgrounds, attitudes and thought processes, it is indeed a challenge to get people to work towards a common goal. In recent times, team outings have been generally regarded as a successful way of improving efficiency and productivity in teams. And it is not so without good reason.

Team Outings’ is a blanket term that covers day trips as well as short trips to a location different from one’s place of work. Team Outings also include a range of games and activities that are conducted with the participation of all team members. These games can be directed to achieve a definite learning or can be fun activities that simply seek to involve all team members. Whatever the case, team outings games and activities are a popular mode of training among even experts in the field. Here’s why.

  1. Interactive Process

Games invariably involve interaction. Today, most people live a schedule that is marked by routine and monotony. With ceaseless work and challenging deadlines to meet, people rarely find time to interact with one another, let alone be able to create a relationship of trust and understanding. Team Outing games and activities offer participants a chance to interact and get to know others on a personal level. With interaction comes greater scope for friendship and understanding – qualities that are essential for coordinated, precise and productive work in the work environment.

  1. Learning

Games are a great way to learn. Studies have shown that experiential learning is a far more effective process than theoretical learning. It is nothing but learning from experience or from doing. Games that are designed as a simulation of various real-life situations offer participants a chance to better relation and understanding. These games can be designed to offer insights into specific managerial qualities like leadership, conflict management, communication and an array of other skills and qualities. These learning’s when reflected upon make for a lasting impact that can be considerably seen in improved performance and efficiency.

  1. Team Building

One of best ways to get team members to bond is through games and activities. With a high fun quotient and a healthy competitive spirit, games are a medium of getting team members together. The spirit of the game allows participants to acknowledge, address and interact with others like they never have before. Getting to know the others on a personal level is an important way of uniting a team. Not only does each get acquainted with the others’ weaknesses and strengths, they also find themselves equipped to face any situation as a group. An effective team is one that has mastered this art.

  1. Recreation

Team Outings are a much needed break for almost all participants. In a schedule that allows little time for relaxation and enjoyment, team outing games and activities make for a refreshing change. It is rare to find one who would not enjoy a day away from the mundane duties of a demanding job profile. These fun games are a great way to let employees know that they are valued members of the organization and that their efforts are being acknowledged and encouraged.

People management is an art that is difficult to master. They constitute the most unpredictable resource and therefore require great deal of thought and effort into acquiring and retaining them. While compensation and appreciation are common methods, team outings make for a small gesture that lets each employee know their individual value in the organization. However, games and activities are necessary to make participants understand the importance of not just their role in the organization, but also the importance of joint effort in the final outcome that is assessed as team performance in the work environment.


31 Dec, 15

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